Our mission is to increase our market share and be a market leader in the private security industry, through provision of continuous quality service. We strive to achieve this through employment of modern security technology, continuous development and maintenance of a highly skilled and motivated human resource, to ensure quality service delivery through promotion of a culture in which employees share in this commitment.


Provide our customers with affordable, reliable, convenient and accessible security products and services.


Race Guards Limited is a local Kenyan Security Company incorporated in 1997 vide registration certificate No. C77173 dated 17/07/1997 for the sole purpose of the provision of services and solutions to clients. The Company is steered by the Managing Director, Mrs Lydiah Muli and professional staffs in security industry who are committed and work passionately to achieve the desired goals. Other than the basic security training for our guards/officers, we further tailor the training to meet the clients’ type of assignment and its likely threats. Our services are spread all over the country and with clients as far as Wajir, Malindi, Loitoktok, Mombasa, Namanga, Kisumu, Meru, Nanyuki, Nairobi and many other places. We have the necessary tools and equipment required for the provision of security services. A summary of what we provide is as follows:


These are founded in our name RACE. They are:
  • Reliability: We as an organization shall work as a team to ensure that we deliver the best services to our clients and build a reputation for being the most reliable firm in the industry in terms of service delivery and response to our clients’ needs.
  • Accountability: We shall strive to be accountable to our clients at all times.
  • Customer satisfaction: We shall strive to go the extra mile to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs, since we believe that ‘customer is king’.
  • Exercising professionalism, honesty and integrity: When dealing and interacting with our colleagues, customers and the general public, we shall do so in a professional, honest and honorable manner.


The following is the Company's Quality Policy.
  • Our Leadership. The Company's Board of Directors and Management Commit to the highest levels of service and continual improvements of the Company to ensure current and future objectives of the Company are met.
  • To Our Customers. The Company commits to meet and exceed customer needs..
  • How we manage.: Our Company has defined its process and how they interact with one another. We have further documented these processes for consistency and continue to improve them.
  • Our Partners.We always listen to our staff, Customers, Suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Our Decisions.We always make decisions based on facts supported by appropriate data and information. Where appropriate this is maintained as documented information. We always ensure that our strategic direction and the objectives, including functional objectives, are consistent with this policy


Examples of Our Clients