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Our Areas of Expertise

Our firm has independent specialists in Risk and Security Consultancy services who advice clients on threats to their businesses or organizations and advice on cost effective mitigating factors. Our specialists also offer investigation and litigation support services. A range of services are offered as detailed below:
  • Guarding services. We have vetted, well trained, well kitted and disciplined security Guards who are famed for their velour, courage, efficiency and dedication to duty and are fluent in English and Kiswahili. In addition, we have trained dog handlers who use trained dogs for patrol
  • Security Vulnerability/Risk assessments. Our specialists will carry out the security risk assessment after a security survey and look across the spectrum of events which may occur and cause damage or loss to personnel and assets or even reputation to clients and to also give a quantitative assessment of the probability of an event occurring or the frequency with which it may occur. They will come up with cost effective mitigating factors to address the same.
  • Investigation and intelligence gathering. We carry out investigations into incidences when called upon such as theft, fraud, bribery, counterfeit goods, asset tracing, background checks, locating missing persons and etc. Our firm supports this investigative process right through to submission of evidence in a court of law. We collect intelligence where possible, use it for proactive measures and also immediately share it with government security organs
  • Protective services. We carryout VIP protection duties and the protection of High Value assets during exhibitions, displays, mobile shows, event shows musical shows and etc, we provide protective security
  • Integrated security systems. We undertake the provision of integrated electronic security services (Defensive in Depth measures) that involve, electric/razor fence, CCTV cameras, alarm sensors, alarm response, tracking, access control and etc


This policy is designed to improve service delivery to all Race Guards Customers by promoting initiatives which ensure that our customers receive services in a way that suits them and their particular needs. Race Guards senior managers are all ISO trained and ensures that there is Quality Management system put in place to re-engineer quality service delivery at all levels. This commits the Company to make sure that all its policies, service plans, practices and procedures reflect and incorporate its objectives:
  • A workforce informed and committed to the policy objectives of the Corporate Strategy.
  • A recognition of the vital links between quality and integrity within the Value frame work.
  • Involvement of customers in guiding provision and decision making
  • Being responsive to the needs and concerns of our customers when planning and delivering services.

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